In between working hard in engineering and keeping my motorcycle and classic car running, I am a keen model builder. I mainly specialize in armour, but I have dabbled in aircraft, including world war 1 biplanes, ocean liners and sci-fi, such as Star Trek ships. My biggest two projects at present are a 1\16 scale German King Tiger and a 1\350 scale Titanic, which is internally lit by LEDs and is taking a long time to sort out.

I used to spend lots of time in my garage pulling motorbikes apart, but as I have gotten older it’s become more problematic to do that nowadays, so modelling helps keep my fingers and hands supple and it’s pretty therapeutic. There aren’t many impelling societies here in Dorset so I hope to find people with similar interests in modelling, and share experiences.

Aside from that, I enjoy classical music and spending time visiting local places of interest and of course, motorbikes!

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