A question of scale….

I recently partially finished a model recently, now before I carry on, I have to admit that, like many modellers out there I sometimes run out of steam when building a model, and put it away until I am ready to get on with it again as persevering can often have adverse effects, sometimes it’s because I am working out a strategy to paint it because it looks a bit tricky or it’s a difficult build and needs a fresh approach, but mainly there is a good reason for putting a model away for a bit, but the reason for this  particular one I wasn’t prepared for..

When it comes to scale model aircraft, I tend to go with the larger scales, say 1\32, mainly because I like to put a little extra detail in during the build and I find 1\32 easier to work with, plus I guess I feel like the 1\72 stuff is too toy like and perhaps lacking in detail, certainly when I was but a young lad, I was brought up on a diet of 1\72 Airfix stuff which to be fair I had a great deal of fun with till mum got me a 1\24 Airfix Stuka,   but that’s another story.

Which kind of brings me on the subject of scale in models.  We all have our favourite, many like me are fans of 1\32 or at the very least 1\48, and many delight in cramming as much detail into 1\72 as humanly possible and all power to them, it makes our hobby very interesting!

Recently I had an epistle and the aircraft which I mentioned at the beginning, which happens to be a Revell 1\32 Heinkel III P2 bomber has had me utterly stumped as to what to do with what is a behemoth of a model.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Revells recent range of 1\32 aircraft are superb, they lack a little detail in places and sometimes the instructions are vague,  for the prices asked they are the best big scale kits you can get  but the very nature of the size of some of them has caused me difficulties, such as space to show them off.

I will do a little piece on the Heinkel at some stage as it turned out to be an interesting build but for now let me just say it is now unfinished and gathering both dust and damage due to it’s immense size, I also have the Junkers 88 which at the present time I dare not build till a bigger workshop becomes available!

The Hawker Hunter I have is, despite being a reasonable size jet fighter is also quite big and will languish for a while, so I am presently revising my options, at least with aircraft anyway…

As you are probably well aware, my main interest lies in tanks with more than occasional forays into planes and less often ships, and the storage of such I don’t really have as much trouble with, the thing is ships are long and thin and you can squeeze them up together and store them pretty successfully.

Likewise with my tank collection, even my pair of 1\16 Trumpeter vehicles are easy to keep, as are all my 1\35 ones, they are sort of square and blocky and can be squeezed up tight together, but aircraft are a different ballgame..

You see, as well as being long, they have wings(of course) and the bigger they are the more of a storage\show problem they seem to become, and as a case in point even going over to 1\48 scale for twin engine and bigger kits like my Junkers 52 is still a big plane to find a home for. 

    Personally,  in terms of single engined fighters of WW1 and 2 I think 1\32 is ideal, they are small ish but still impressive and you can pour in plenty of detail if you wish whilst anything bigger like modern jets, bombers and civilian airliners are probably best kept to the smaller scales, that and the fact that nowadays the technology that has gone into even the 1\72 kits is top notch with incredible detail so I have invested in a Zvezda Sukhoi 27 Flanker just to see what the 1\72 world has to offer, review of that one soon.

All things considered I am looking forward to getting the flanker and see just what I make of it, you never know I may be converted to smaller scales…

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