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I am currently building an aircraft carrier, the USS Yorktown in 1\350 scale by Trumpeter, and I am sorting through the pictures in order to give you a detailed review as well as tracking my build, warts and all, it hasn’t been an easy kit so far and I will show you where I experienced problems and how I tackled them, There’s a long way to go with it yet and I am also building my Trumpeter SS John Brown liberty ship which I reviewed in  my blog earlier, the fact that both ships can be built as waterline models has given me an idea for a diorama.

Also, I have procured another Eduard kit, their dual combo Focke Wulf 190 D in which you get a D9 and a D11 in the colours of Adolf Galland’s JV144 squadron, with the red and white striped undersides, can’t wait to get to get to grips with that plus you get a teeny tiny Messerschmitt Me262 in 1\144 scale, just about the smallest plane I have had to deal with, although, the carrier has 16 1\350 scale planes to put on it’s deck!

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